Ours truly is a “Long Story”…here’s the short version: Met in high school; started playing music together; dated for 10 years; broke up; stayed best of friends; kept playing music (think Jerry & Elaine from Seinfeld – minus the music - and you get the idea).
Not looking to become "Rockstars", but rather to write songs for those who are...;-)
Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals / Percussion

Faith comes by her passion and talent for music honestly...the daughter of a minister, she grew up singing in church, and developed her unique voice early on.  

Faith also found her voice as a writer at a young age, producing great poetry which has served her well as Long Story has transitioned from a cover band to a songwriting duo in recent years.

Faith loves writing and performing music whenever she can, despite battling MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Guitar / Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals / Percussion / Whatever else needs to be played...

James started playing guitar at age 12, inspired and taught by his older brothers.  Originally a "Metal Head", learning riffs to Metallica, GnR, Skid Row, and the likes, his tastes have mellowed considerably...nowadays you're much more likely to hear him listening to and playing Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley.


 James is a self-taught musician on several instruments, and while he doesn't claim to be particularly great at any of them, he's good enough to lay down some drum, bass, and piano tracks as needed on Long Story's original recordings.

Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals / Ukelele / Piano

Chloe has been singing and performing since anyone can remember...her talent and ability to entertain became apparent at an early age.

Now in her teens, Chloe is a driven musician who taught herself how to play both Ukelele and the Piano, and has recently delved into songwriting with amazing results!

Chloe has become an integral part of Long Story as a regular guest musician at shows and performer on Long Story's original recordings.