I feel like there should be a drumroll as this is the very first Long Story Band blog , but in the absence of a drummer in each of your homes , you can imagine it in your head ...I'll wait.



Hello world! (Or more realistically, "hello" to our family, friends, and our loyal fans.)

This is the start of another part of our journey together, in hopes that it will fill you in on what we've been up to behind the scenes when you don't see us playing shows. We'll be doing a weekly blog post, updating you on what we're working on...and working through.

First of all, a brief introduction, in case you haven't met us...which is a shame. We'd love to meet you! But until then, when you think of us, imagine in your mind Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Bennis from the show Seinfeld, as that perfectly describes the relationship that James and I have with one another. We are "Exes", yes, and we remain best friends. Shocking, I know! But rather than spending our lives trapped in a cage in a freak show at fairs stared at by gawkers , we decided to spend our time in a band, playing music and writing songs together. James and I have known each other since we were children and now twenty-three years later, our friendship has weathered many storms and, I'm so happy to say, has always come out even stronger.

As I write this, amidst one such storm, I am truly thankful that despite it all, James has never given up on the dream we have together to be successful songwriters in country music. We have had to switch gears over the past few years from being a band playing multiple shows a week, to accepting my limitations and focusing more on writing songs for others to perform.

I know that many of you know about the difficulties I speak of with my health , but again, incase we haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, I will give a brief background: I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which many of you have heard of , but very few people understand . Prior to my diagnosis in 2014 I had no idea what it was myself. Simply put, my immune system attacks my brain. When it does this, it causes all kinds of problems that can last for months at a time, and permanent scarring on my brain that can lead to permanent disability later in life. At this moment, I am struggling to walk , and most often need a walker or to be pushed in a wheelchair as I'm extremely weak. I have been this way for the past two weeks, and in two days I will have an operation which will implant a tube into my jugular vein in my neck so that I can get a blood treatment called Plasmapherisis . In caveman terms, it's" bad blood out, good blood in".

James continues to work hard everyday learning about our new recording software (Cakewalk Sonar), and writing new layers for each of our new songs. He never ceases to amaze me with his abilities to learn new things, especially when anything technical is involved. Just today he was writing new piano parts for songs, and he's never been taught how to play. He taught himself by ear, just as he did with the guitar. We have 8 new songs that we will be registering in the US this coming week if all goes to plan. And once they are copywrited and registered we will post them so you can hear them too! (You can hear some "rough drafts" of a few of our songs on our website: )

We also have hopes in the very near future (when money allows) to join the Nashville Songwriters Association International. This will really help us get our foot more firmly in the door in Nashville songwriting circles, as well as give us opportunities to pitch our songs to artists and publishing companies in Nashville. We will also be pitching a few of our songs to the TV show "Nashville", in hopes they may be used in upcoming episodes.

I look at my health situation sometimes and get discouraged because just when it seems we are picking up momentum, my body pushes the pause button on it all. I found myself in this same situation upon our return from recording in Nashville last August. But I/we are choosing to stay positive, and to stay active, working towards our goal...

My doctors will be looking for a new MS treatment for me in the coming months as this will have been the third one we have tried that has failed. Isn't the saying, "Third times a charm?", well, maybe it's gonna be the fourth in my case.

We are excited to have you hear our new music and hope to be able to post it for you soon. We will be making new videos of our songs as soon as I'm well enough to do so as well, with a better camera and mic situation.

Until then, keep my health in your prayers. James and I continue to keep our eyes on our ultimate goal, and we thank you all for your continuing friendship, love and support throughout this incredible journey.

Until next time,

God Bless Y'all,


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