The Home Stretch...

Hi everyone! :-) Welcome to the second instalment of our Long Story band blog...

It's funny how something as normal as washing my hair has become a huge undertaking. However, with the help of my good buddy James; a bunch of Saran Wrap and tape; and a towel fashioned around my shoulders like a super hero cape (all to keep water off my catheter tubes) I got the job done this afternoon. Success!

Catheters...functional AND stylish! :-)

Now time to rest, and write this blog.

This week has been very difficult, but I definitely have hope, as my strength is slowly returning . Yesterday's Plasmaperesis blood treatment didn't go well at all , so I was a bit discouraged, but I'm on the home stretch now, with the final treatment to be done tomorrow afternoon.

SERIOUSLY?!? You're taking a

James enjoyed a jam session last night with some buddies (including Shawn Winters of Tillsonburg AGM) and their guitars, despite having slammed his fingers in my front door earlier in the day after bringing me home from the hospital . It's fantastic that he keeps playing, waiting patiently for me to get well enough to join him.

"Mary had a little lamb, little lamb..."

He told me yesterday that he will be hosting and playing the acoustic music night at Boston Pizza in Tillsonburg on May 4th. He's hoping I'll be well enough to join him, and I hope so too.

I miss singing so much and playing shows. I'm not sure if you have seen the documentary on Netflix called Alive Inside, but if you haven't, it's a must see. It's main message is about the power of music in our lives, and how even through terrible illnesses like Alzheimer's and Dementia, music can reach through and bring people back to who they are; healing them emotionally even if they can't physically be healed.

Alive Inside (Documentary)

Watching that documentary last weekend as I lay in a bed in my living room with tubes coming out of my chest, I realized how much I miss my music. And how I lose a big part of who I am when I'm not singing, or playing music with James. I am fortunate that despite this disease which presses the pause button on me every so often, that I am eventually able to return to creating and singing the music I love.

And I am even more blessed that James has the patience to wait for me each time I'm knocked down to get back up again.

I will continue to get back up. And when I do, I hope I'm playing a show sometime and get to see you all there.

Take care...until next time,


Enjoying my "Timmy's" I.V.

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