Close Call...

Hi Everyone,

It's Sunday again and it's been a week of so many ups and downs. I have officially completed my blood transfusions as of Friday; but that process was not without struggle.

Tuesday was a day I'll never forget and it was one of those moments in life that make you realize how fragile our lives really are.

I went into the hospital in London to have the nurses take a look at my chest tube as it seemed infected, and within a few hours medical staff were racing to save my life. The doctors working on me told me that if I hadn't come in to the hospital , the infection would've killed me in a matter of hours in the night. I won't go into every detail of what was done that night; much of it was painful and quite honestly , gross, but needless to say the chest tube and stitches had to be removed as quickly as humanly possible, ( and I have the scars to prove it ).

The idea that I could've been dead within a few hours , had I not come in, shook me to my core.

I was actually physically shaking from the stress of that 6 hour time period. Thinking about my children, my mom, James, and everyone that would be affected by my absence from this life. I have so much left to do, so much more love to give, so many more friends to make, so much more care and guidance to give to my children , so many more songs to write and sing with my best friend, so many more conversations to be had with my mom about life over a hot cup of coffee... And to think that I might've had no more time.

I want to remind all of you, as I have been reminded this week, that this life we have been given is a fragile thing. We too often forget that. We take for granted that we will wake up tomorrow morning to start another day. That we will have another chance to tell our families we love them; but we all know people for whom there wasn't another sunrise in their lives. And no more " I love you's " to be said. We all know those people for whom we wish they'd had more time , but it was not to be.

To honour those people, please don't wait to say I love you ... Say it now. Take chances; take risks in the name of love ; have adventures ; try new things; forgive those who have hurt you; thank those who have blessed your life; do the things that make you happy... LIVE.

As for me, I am back to life, and I have been given my second chance. I am so excited to get back to making music with my best friend and sharing it with all of you. (As a more practical side note: if you sense that you have an infection of any kind, and have any signs of redness spreading in the skin, fever etc ... Do not wait. Go to the nearest Doctor. Your life could depend on it ).

Words To Live By

Carpe Diem, Seize The Day!

Love you all,


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