To the greatest Mom I know..

Hey Y'all,

James here...I'm going to take over the blog, just for this week. The reason? Today is Mother's Day, and not only would I not expect Faith to write about herself on this special occasion, I also know that she would never do herself justice in describing just how amazing of a mother she really I'm going to do it for her. :-)

On Mother's Day, a lot of superlatives get tossed around..."Mother, you're the best!", "To the greatest Mother in the world", "Best Mom Ever", and so on. In many cases, these sentiments are very fitting...but truly, I can't think of a single word which would be an exaggeration in describing the rare and wonderful gift that Faith is to her children (and sometimes even other people's children).

Those of you who have known us for a while, or who follow us on social media or read our blog, know that the past months and years have been a struggle for Faith. Since her diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2014, her life has been a roller coaster ride, to put it mildly...she has spent months in hospital off-and-on, consulted with dozens of doctors and specialists, and had to give up many of the things she used to love doing (including, at some points, music). We could probably all understand if someone in this situation turned their attention in on themselves, either in pity or in an effort to focus solely on their health...but not Faith.

Not only has she shouldered the burden of dealing with this unpredictable condition, she has made a conscious and focused effort to be even more present and "there" for her four children even while working through the ups and downs of her health. From spending hours on the phone or in meetings with principals and teachers whenever one of her children has faced challenges at school, to being at every recital or game possible (even when her health is poor and she really shouldn't push herself to attend), Faith is driven by a single purpose: her children.

Because of the unpredictability of her MS, Faith isn't able to see her two youngest children anywhere as often as I know she wants to, and I see first-hand how hard this is for her. But still, Faith makes absolutely the most out of the time she does have with them, and man, has it ever had an amazing impact on those two. Through this, Faith has taught me maybe the most important parenting lesson I'll ever learn: sometimes it's not's quality!! Many of us are there with our kids every single day...but really, are we always "THERE"?? Faith is...!

So, on Mother's Day, I want to tell you about Faith...truly the greatest mother I'll ever know.

Happy Mother's Day, Faith! :-)


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