"LOVE AIN'T" (Original) - Long Story

THE STORY:  "Love Ain't" is about figuring out what love should - and shouldn't - be, something which most of us never really take the time to do. The verses were written following a breakup (which is pretty apparent...), while the choruses were written the summer of 2016 when we were recording in Nashville, in a more positive time.

"STRENGTH IN NUMBERS" (Original) - Long Story

THE STORY:  This song was inspired by a friend, whose wife had recently passed away of cancer.  It was amazing to see how, despite the tragedy he had endured, he continued to be positive, kind, and strong.  We wondered where this strength came from, until we saw that it was the combination of his faith, his family, and his wonderful circle of friends that was carrying him through.  This realization is what inspired the concept of "Strength In Numbers".

"RUNNING WITH SCISSORS" (Original) - Long Story

THE STORY:  "Running With Scissors" came about as a result of several failed relationships, after which it was tempting to become bitter and closed off.  The song talks about staying open and true to who you are, recognizing that this may leave you vulnerable to heartache in the short term, but will, over the long run, lead to something great.


"LIFT ME UP" (Original) - Long Story

THE STORY: We wrote "Lift Me Up" early in 2014, shortly after Faith was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It hit her fast and was a dark, difficult time, but out of it came this song, which we are proud to share with anyone who is facing (or has faced) obstacles in their lives.

"MY CHURCH" (Live Maren Morris Cover) - Long Story

THE STORY: Filmed during a break from recording in Nashville in 2016.  We hit Broadway to catch some live music and to see the sights, and wound up at the Nashville Visitor's Center at the entrance to Bridgestone Arena.  There was a stage set up with a couple of prop guitars for people to take pictures...James grabbed one of the guitars, tuned it up, and we jammed one of our favorite songs.  

"TALLADEGA" (Live Eric Church Cover) - Long Story

THE STORY: Trying out our new GoPro during one of our performances at Turtlefest.  LOVE "Talladega", it's become our go-to opening song...